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Freeware tools for PowerBasic and FreeBasic
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Basic Editor "BE"
(320 KB, Version, 10. October 2012)
This editor was special made for PowerBasic and FreeBasic.

Main features:
- Syntax coloring
- Auto case correction
- Sub/Function/Macro toggling to single lines (a great feature!)
- Block comment/uncomment, Block indend/unindend
- Better handling of *.res binary resource files
- RTF text export of the listing
- Support for template listings
- The rest You know from other editors ;-)

The Sub/Function/Macro toggling was the true reason to create the editor. You can close a sub/function/macro to a single line and make the rest of the sub/function invisible. This makes your listing very clear and once you are familiar with it you'll never miss it. You can open or close a sub/function/macro either with a mouse click to the left margin or by menu "Edit/Toggle..." or with keyboard shortcuts.
The editor is based on the Scintilla edit control. First I had to write a special Lexer in C++ an then I made a special much smaller Scintilla release for PowerBasic/FreeBasic only. The edit control resides in an own DLL. The ZIP file contains all information You need to create Your own editor if You like.

Functions open:

Functions closed:

Win32 Resource Linker
This small command line tool links a binary Win32 resource file (*.res) into an executable (exe or dll).
Binary resource files you can create using the Borland Resource Workshop, with the Microsoft Resource Compiler and many other resource compilers.
First build your application (exe/dll) using your favorite compiler and after You can link the resources into your application using RLINK32.EXE

The main reasons for making RLINK32 were:
1. I couldn't find such a tool for Win32 executables (for 16 bit executables such tools exist)
2. I use (and like) PowerBasic for Windows but the 32 bit PowerBasic compiler doesn't handle binary resource files directly - first You have to convert the resource file into a special format. This wasn't very handy for me.
3. I also use some Freeware tools :-)